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Pop up Parklets!

A parklet transform your street into a social node where you can share with your neighboors. Here we have different tools that will help you to conceive and build your own living room in the city! You can have a look at the basic requirements and guidelines to build parklets. Or you can directly look into the parklet potential map, to see where it might be possible to build a parklet in your surroundings. If you are ready to go, submit your parklet with our online form!


Here you can see where is it possible to install parklets in the city, and where should you go to get permission to install one.

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Potential Map
Where can you potentially build a parklet?
Find out in the Parklet Potential Map and submit your idea!

See the map

Design tool
Do you need some help to create your plans?
Use our design tool and download basic drawings!

Design your parklet

Request a permit
Already have an idea and the perfect location?
Submit it with the help of our online form!

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