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Planning tool

This tool will help you to create basic drawings to prepare the submission of your parklet. You can download and edit the drawings using free software like inkscape. Please check the dimensions of the place that you have chosen to build a parklet. Upon finishing you can attach the drawings to the submission form.
Path way:

Ground plan / top view

GehsteigParkspur3,5010,0Abgrenzung zum FliessverkehrBestehendes GebaeudeGehsteigsbreite2.5 m

Front view

image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlstreetbasestreetsurfaceGehsteigParkspurbasemeasure-line-heightmeasure-line-widthparklet-measure-width10,0 mAbgrenzung zum Fliessverkehrparklet-measure-height1,0 m


Parkspur2.5 m1,0 mBestehendesGebaeude0,0Gehsteig0,0

Are you done? Then have a look at the online form and request your permission to build a parklet in Vienna!